Filling in the New Red Card Form Change for School Games

There has been a number of instances recently where the reports have had to be corrected to clarify the situation. Rob Sheard is available to advise on the completion of the forms.  Should you be in any doubt and need help or advice please contact Rob Sheard at Also please note that if ... More

Age Grade Yellow Cards – Suspension Time Changes

See extract from pages 258 & 259 of Season 2018-2019 RFU Handbook  SIN BIN TIME FOR AGE GRADE RUGBY Effective from 1 August 2018 RFU REGULATION 15 – AGE GRADE RUGBY (APPENDIX 9) U15-U18 Variations to the World Rugby Laws of the Game - BOYS ONLY Players and Match Officials must ensure that the World ... More

New Law 9.19 to be implemented with immediate effect

Law 9.19 In open play, any player may lift or support a player from the same team. Players who support or lift a teammate must lower the player to the ground safely as soon as the ball is won by a player of either team.  Sanction: Free-kick The existing law 9.19 to 9.25 will be re-numbered as 9.20 to ... More

WTR – Update and Action Required (Clubs and Referees)

The Appointments Team are now making appointments for the first games of the season; many clubs and referees have already received notification emails from WTR – many more will follow! Requests to our Club Contacts (called "Club Fixture Secretary" in WTR) If you have not done so already, please logon to WTR so ... More

FAO Match Officials with Dual Membership (a role with another Society and/or Association and/or the RFU) on WTR

Please can you help us to help you? When you make yourself available both organizations can see this, but we do not know where you are willing / able to officiate on any particular day. Therefore, when completing your availability, please use the facility to make succinct Notes to guide your appointers ... More

Dave Guerin Appointed RFU Performance Reviewer

Congratulations to David Guerin on his appointment to the National Panel as a Performance Reviewer.  David has served the North Group for a number of years and will assist the RFU in working in the North of England More

Beginning of a New Era for

The Society’s brand new website is here! This is the beginning of new era for It potentially opens up many opportunities to offer new online features and services. If you have any ideas for this, or if you find anything that could be improved, please do not hesitate to let us know at More

Deaf Rugby Game Management Guidelines

To see the Deaf Rugby Game Management Guidelines from the USA click on this link. More

Malta Teasers

David Yates reports fit for duty… Kieron and I returned from Malta on Monday relatively unscathed!! We were shown exceptional hospitality by our hosts throughout our stay from the minute we were collected at the airport. On Saturday, before Kierons match, we watched two womens 7s matches. Womens rugby is becoming ... More

The Man in the Middle

Read an article by Richard Thoroughgood - published in this recent Stockport RUFV Touchline Magazine. (Nice one Richard!) More