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PO#27 – Refereeing open play – the kicking game

The growing prevalence in top-level games of using the “box kick” and other kicks to put pressure on the opposition will inevitably percolate down to lower levels.  We need to be ready to respond to this possibility and consider how referees might best address this while recognising and enforcing current Law. More

PO#26 – Focus and Concentration in Refereeing

From the time you receive the appointment to referee a match there are many issues to consider; the administration of the appointment, personal preparation, travel, timings, context of the match, any potential challenges inherent in the nature of the game – and that is before you even get to the club.  All of these, and ... More

RFU Head of Judiciary Guidance Note on Sanctions (MOA)

As per the 1st January the Independent Head of the RFU Judiciary has written to all clubs disciplinary officers, please find the attached the note. Of note, case of MOA will have added aggravation by default, 2 weeks for low end, 3 weeks for mid-range, and 4 weeks for high end MOA. This represent a continued working ... More

CFRE Project – Introductory Briefing (December 2023)

Club Fees and Referees Expenses Project This is a copy of the slides used by John Pemberton, Honorary Treasurer, during the briefing he gave at the December meeting to introduce this project. The Club Fees and Referee Expenses (CFRE) project will result in the implementation of a new way of charging annual club member... More

2023-24 Handbook (excluding the directory sections)

This is a PDF copy of the 2023-24 handbook, excluding the directory sections. Contact details of those listed in the directory can be found in Who's the Ref (WTR).   More

In-goal Scenarios Chart (Version for A5 folder)

This version, when printed,  can be folded to fit in the A5  PO blue folder. More

In-goal Scenarios Chart

This chart summarises various scenarios relating to the situations when the ball goes into the in-goal area, over the dead ball line or into touch in-goal.  It complements PO#25 "Refereeing the in-goal area". (A version of the chart that, when printed, can be folded and put in the A5 PO blue folder, is available here.) More

PO#24 – Acting as an Assistant Referee (AR) with powers

There are occasions when members are asked to act as Assistant Referees (ARs) “with powers”.  This may happen in cup or representative competitions and usually involves advising the referee about events which may result in the award of a PK, try or other event such as a knock-on.  The referee may also ask an AR to ... More

PO#25 – Refereeing the in-goal area

Recent law changes have brought the ‘in-goal’ area into closer focus than ever before.  Referees need to be aware of any changes to the usual laws or patterns of play which are impacted by the in-goal area.  This PO addresses the issue law by law where there are references to ‘in-goal’. This PO is complemented ... More

Discriminatory Language – Open Letter from the RFRU Chair

Michael Priestly, Chair of the Rugby Football Referees Union (RFRU),  sent an open letter for the attention of all match officials. It is dated the 18th September and covers the reporting of discriminatory language either heard or reported during a match. More