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MADREFS Form 1 Assessment for Match Levels 9 and below

To be used immediately. Updated January 15 2019.  Combines the evidence collection form with the report form More

MADREF Form 1 Assessment for Match Levels 6, 7 & 8

Updated January 15 2019 to combine the evidence collection data form with the report form More

Community Game Update December 2018

Please find the December 2018 edition of the Community Game Update. We hope you find the update a benefit to your club, and if you have any feedback, queries or content you would like to feature, please email Tom Ainscough, RFU Senior Communications Manager (tomainscough@rfu.com). More

Adviser Aide Memoire

What does good advising look like?  An aide memoire for the adviser More

Blank Incident Timeline

A pro-forma blank match statistics collection form More

Characteristics of a Manchester Society Referee. Revised October 2018

Main principles which will guide the adviser in his/her role to advise the referee.: More

Referee Assessment Example Statistics from Andy McMillan

Example of match statistics required More

Manchester and District Referees Society Preparation and Briefing

An essential document for Referees for pre match preparation and briefings More

What Does Good Advising Look Like – October 2018

A checklist for advisers on what is good advising. More

Referee Development Form 1 – Example

Updated December 2018 This is a general ‘worked-up’ example of what a completed Form 1 report might look like. More