Accepting Appointments – Message for Certain Referees (information for others)

Our Appointments Team are vital cogs in the process of getting you out each week. Your help is required to keep the wheel turning, particularly at this early stage of implementing Who’s the Ref (WTR), by accepting your appointments promptly - please help us to help you. Currently, we have numerous unaccepted appoint... More

Age Grade Rugby and Safeguarding

Just a reminder when refereeing Age Grade Rugby (6 to 18 years) RFU Safeguarding Policy  , page 23 – Changing Rooms and Showers Changing Rooms and Showers Adults and children must never use the same changing or wash room facilities at a venue to shower or change at the same time. More

New Documents Added to the Website this Month

August - 2018 RFU update August 2018   July - 201 Society Subscriptions 2018 - 2019  Listed in the Governance Section. RFRU AGM 20-18 - Breakout Session Notes July 2018 RFU Match Official Development Update – Season 2017/18 National Panel Update – Team Member Update 2018/19 Season   More

WTR – Update and Action Required (Clubs and Referees)

The Appointments Team are now making appointments for the first games of the season; many clubs and referees have already received notification emails from WTR – many more will follow! Requests to our Club Contacts (called "Club Fixture Secretary" in WTR) If you have not done so already, please logon to WTR so ... More

FAO Match Officials with Dual Membership (a role with another Society and/or Association and/or the RFU) on WTR

Please can you help us to help you? When you make yourself available both organizations can see this, but we do not know where you are willing / able to officiate on any particular day. Therefore, when completing your availability, please use the facility to make succinct Notes to guide your appointers ... More

Update on Appointments and Fixtures in WTR

Who’s the Ref (WTR) is operational – referees have been and are continuing to be appointed to pre-season games.  As previously advised, this being done on a week-by-week basis. All club league fixtures for the forthcoming season have at last been released and are now being uploaded to Who’s the Ref (WTR). This ... More

Volunteer Recognition – Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer Programme Nomination

Congratulations are in order for our President Alan Farmer who has been nominated by the Referees' Union for the Mitsubishi Motors Volunteer of the year. Alan will attend the Finalist Black Tie event later this year. More

Dave Guerin Appointed RFU Performance Reviewer

Congratulations to David Guerin on his appointment to the National Panel as a Performance Reviewer.  David has served the North Group for a number of years and will assist the RFU in working in the North of England More

Reminder to referees – please set your availability on WTR

Calling all referees..... please set your availability for August and September in WTR by Wednesday. If you have done so already, then thank you and please ignore this message.. Here's a copy of the email you should have received:   The purpose of this note is to ask you to set your availability for August ... More

Matt Turvey promoted to Professional Game Match Officials Team

Congratulations to Matt Turvey who was promoted from the RFU Panel to the Professional Game Match Officials Team (PGMOT) on 1st July. Matt, who started his refereeing with the Society in October 2012, worked his way up through the levels with great determination and commitment. His achievement may well inspire those in ... More