RFU Community Game Update – 11th May

RFU Community Game Update - 11th May Return to Rugby As a reminder, the Community Game Updates will be fortnightly unless there are any important Government or Game updates. This edition includes: 1. Awaiting decision from government on move from Stage D2 2. RUWSF Asset Improvement Loan applications – Closed... More

**** New **** PO on Head Contact Process

The latest Preferred Options paper (#20) addresses the challenges of refereeing the Head Contact Process (HCP) in the community game. The HCP is a world-wide requirement in rugby refereeing and must be applied. Society referees are asked to consider the issues and recommendations in the paper to help ensure a consistent ... More

Restoring Focus – Videos illustrating Law variations

Message from Andy McMillan (Chairman, Training & Development) The Warwickshire Society of Referees has made available four videos to help officials prepare for contact rugby under the agreed Law Variations. The videos can be accessed here and consist of the following: 1. 20 very short clips that highlight issues ... More

World Rugby Law Clarification 1 – 2021 Relating to Law 3.6 & Definitions

Law Clarification: When a referee whistles a penalty or a free kick, is the ball considered dead, in which case, is a player replacement possible? Clarification of the designated members of the Rugby Committee There are two issues which must both happen for the replacement to occur: The ball is dead The Referee ... More

Society Position Statement on Return to Rugby Roadmap (V1 – 05/03/21)

As Society members will be aware, the RFU released a revised Return to Rugby Roadmap for the community game. It envisages Ready4Rugby matches taking place from 29th March and adult and age grade matches starting from 26th April with adapted laws (no scrums and no mauls). The RFU has provided numerous resources for clubs ... More

Restoring Focus Project – Preparing for the return of rugby

Message from Andy McMillan, Chairman of Training & Development Given the possibility of a return to contact rugby, we need to respond to the implications of the new RFU Return to Rugby Roadmap. We therefore need to have a strategy in place - hence a new Society project with the aim of “‘Restoring Focus”! We ... More

Important: Revised RFU “Return to Rugby” Resources

The RFU has revised and updated its "Return to Play Stage D" resources. All the necessary information can be obtained from the England Rugby Coronavirus webpages. Specific match official resources for this stage of the Return to Community Rugby Road Map include: ---> Match Officials - Match Day Guidance ---> ... More

Updated: World Rugby Law Application Guideline: Head Contact Process – With Wayne Barnes Video

World Rugby Law Application Guideline:  Head Contact Process - Effective from 10th March 2021 To help our members return confidently to the field, the RFU have produced a number of short topical video’s supported by Professional Referee colleagues, entitled Connected Match Officials. This is the  link for Wayne Barnes ... More

Return to Rugby – RFU Bulletin

15th March:  Return to Community Rugby New Roadmap Please note the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap has been revised to follow steps on the government roadmap. Please therefore disregard previous versions and only share the new ‘green for go’ roadmap. We have removed Stages B and C as they are no longer currently ... More

England Rugby Training Courses 2020 / 2021

England Rugby Training Courses 2020 / 2021 details are in the document   More