Kit & Accessories

Manchester & District Rugby Union Referees’ Society

Society Kit season 2018/19

The Society Executive has agreed the following :-

Existing active, ‘paid-up’ and graded Referees will be entitled to

  • Current season shirt (should have been collected from pre-season meetings at Broughton Park & Preston Grasshoppers), and
  • A digital voucher to be used in purchase of kit items from Halbro shop.

Those who were unable to collect their shirt at the pre-season meeting will be able to obtain it via the Halbro shop but will be responsible for their own postage costs.

Existing active and ‘paid-up’ Match Observers will be entitled to

  • A digital voucher (equivalent in value to the Referee entitlement) to be used in purchase of kit items from Halbro shop.

New Referee Members will be entitled to the following

  • Upon Grading – a current season shirt and an initial digital voucher
  • After completion of 10 games post grading – a second, alternative shirt (likely from undistributed previous season stocks) and a second (lower value) digital voucher

Members must apply by email to the Hon. Treasurer for their vouchers when they have achieved valid status. It should be noted that there were teething problems at the outset with the voucher system and this has caused delays in the issuing of vouchers.

Members should also note that subscriptions are DUE BY 31 JULY,AT THE LATEST in every year – those who pay late must expect delays in the response to their voucher request.

The Halbro MDRURS shop is now in place on their website - Purchases above the voucher value will be paid by the Referee/ Observer personally together with postage costs.

In addition, Andy Thompson and Alan Woods will always have a supply of whistles, flags, ties, blazer badges and scorecard wallets at Society meetings which they attend. These items are payable on the evening.

Steve Halliday

Hon. Treasurer