Match Official Abuse (MOA): RFU Disciplinary Update

  • January 9, 2024

As per the 1st January the Independent Head of the RFU Judiciary has written to all clubs disciplinary officers, please find the attached the note. Of note, case of MOA will have added aggravation by default, 2 weeks for low end, 3 weeks for mid-range, and 4 weeks for high end MOA. This represent a continued working relationship between the RFU and RFRU to assist our members and referees in being protected from MOA.

Concern around MOA is right to be at the forefront and given the work the professional staff and the RFRU have done in this area, we are pleased to see more proactive measures to deter potential offenders.

The key point is that match officials understand the definition of abuse or disrespect and that they make their reports as clear and concise as possible with specific instances of MOA detailed.

MOA Guidance


RFU Head of Judiciary Guidance Note on sanctions (MOA).