Immediate Effect – Change to ADM League Man off Rule

From Howard Hughes Competition Secretary ADM Leagues We have had early sight of possible issues with some Clubs not having enough available Front Row cover in League games. Principally for example only 4 Props and 2 Teams in the club. Therefore with immediate effect we have decided to suspend the man-off rule ... More

Player’s Clothing – query answered

A query has arisen about clothing. A club has an Under18 player who wears a tag, which they cover with padding. Whilst this is not covered in the Regulations, please could you advise on what we can do to allow this lad to play. Reply from Michael Patz RFU Match Official Development Manager Checking with regulat... More

Please be Aware of the PO on Head Contact Process in the Community Game

The Preferred Options paper (#20) addresses the challenges of refereeing the Head Contact Process (HCP) in the community game. The HCP is a world-wide requirement in rugby refereeing and must be applied. Society referees are asked to consider the issues and recommendations in the paper to help ensure a consistent and ... More

Society President Presents Alan Farmer with Award for Outstanding Service.

Clive Ennis, the Society President, presents Alan Farmer with his award for Outstanding Service. Alan Farmer joined Manchester & District Rugby Union Referees Society in 1991 on transfer from North Midlands Society. He was a Referee on the RFU ‘A’ List when he sustained a career-ending ankle injury. Nevertheless, ... More

2021-2022 Society Calendar – Updated 2nd edition

The Society Meeting programme for the season 2021-2022 is available  Click on the above link to download. More

Changes to Age Grade Disciplinary Reporting: For Schools, Colleges, Academies and Clubs

New changes to Regulations ask referees to inform the Constituent Body Age Grade Disciplinary Secretary (CBAGDS) of any red card within 48 hours. This to bring it line with Adult procedures and to make the CBAGDS central to disciplinary procedures. The changes to Regulations which require referees to inform the ... More

2021 – 2022 Season Law Books

No paper copies of the law books for the season 2021 - 2022 have been issued. Match officials can find the latest version of the law book to download at Laws of the Game Plus details of the app to download. More

New PO paper: Guidance on trends in the professional game

Preferred Options (PO) paper #21 address issues of perceived disparity between refereeing at the professional and the Community Game levels. Players and coaches in the Community Game who have watched top-level games may now have modified expectations of what to expect from Society referees. The PO, which includes ... More

Updated June 1st: Restoring Focus – Additional Guidance from RFU Match Official Development Manager and Videos illustrating Law variations

Additional Guidance from RFU Match Official Development Manager To:  RFRU & Referee Society Secretaries, Referee Society Training Officers Dear colleagues, I hope you are all keeping well. This is a joint message with David Barnes, RFU Head of Discipline. As we have previously discussed age grade and ... More

World Rugby Law Clarification 1 – 2021 Relating to Law 3.6 & Definitions

Law Clarification: When a referee whistles a penalty or a free kick, is the ball considered dead, in which case, is a player replacement possible? Clarification of the designated members of the Rugby Committee There are two issues which must both happen for the replacement to occur: The ball is dead The Referee ... More