RFU Community Game & Covid-19 Update – 23rd February

23rd February: Latest Community Game Update This week’s headlines include: 1. Rugby Union Winter Survival Fund reminder with Steve Grainger 2. RUWSF Loan Scheme - two days left to complete 3. RUWSF Grant Reminder - two days left to apply 4. Return to community rugby update 5. Lockdown rugby activity 6. ... More

Ian McKenzie Taking on March the Month

My Dear Friends, As you can see below, I’m taking up the challenge of the “March the Month” against prostate cancer. 11,000 steps per day in recognition of the 11,000 men who die each year in the UK from this particular beast. As I am one of those who “enjoy” this condition, it’s the least I can do. For ... More

Geoff Gill 1931-2021: Funeral Arrangements

Geoff Gill (Former President and Honorary Secretary) 1931-2021 It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Geoff Gill passed away on Tuesday 9th February. Geoff joined the Society in 1981 and was a mainstay of the organisation having been the President from 2015 to 2017 and Hon Secretary for 15 years. ... More

England Rugby Training Courses 2020 / 2021

England Rugby Training Courses 2020 / 2021 details are in the document   More

England Rugby Coaching / Refereeing Award 20/21

Are you thinking about becoming a Referee or just want to find out more about refereeing, then use the link Login  or contact the Society Secretary at madrefsecretary@gmail.com   More

RFU Covid-19 Resources for Match Officials (*** More material added ***)

Further resources have been made available by the RFU: Contact Rugby Law Variations - A two and a half minute video Recording of the England Rugby Community Game Law Variations webinar that was held on 10th December featuring Craig Maxwell-Keys (Professional Referee England Rugby) and Michael Patz (Match Official ... More

Covid-19 Law Variations – Video Clips

Most will now be aware of law variations (LVs) being enacted to allow movement towards full contact rugby.  Andy McMillan has extracted clips from a recording of a recent match to produce a  video (9 minutes) that addresses SOME of the LVs together with an accompanying script. This material is intended as a "taster" to ... More

Return to Rugby – Society’s Interim Position

As Society members will be aware, the RFU has announced that the Government has approved a submission by the RFU to return to 15-a-side contact rugby using an adapted version of the Laws of the game.  Details of the adapted version of the Game are available on the RFU  website.  The approval from the Government applies ... More

Maintaining Focus – All considered responses now available

The "considered responses" for "No.4 - Other Arriving Players at a Tackle" are now published in the usual online format and in a document that can be downloaded. In the online version the questions are listed below the relevant World Rugby video clips; clicking on the questions will reveal the "considered responses". ... More

Your Development and the Preferred Options Papers

Andy McMillan, Chairman of Training & Development, introduced the thinking behind the Society’s “Preferred Options” (PO) papers at the pre-season meetings in August. The idea of the papers is to help referees and assessors work towards taking a more consistent approach and to continually improve the refereeing ... More