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AGM 2018-2019 Appendices

The appendices for the 2018-2019 AGM can be downloaded from here. A revised version was published on Monday 20th May. More


In accordance with the Society’s Articles of Association (26.2) notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting will be held at Wigan RUFC at 7.15pm on Tuesday 4thJune, 2019 The Agenda can be downloaded here.   More

Memorandum and Articles of Association

Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association for Manchester and District Rugby Union Referees Society Ltd in support of its incorporation as a private limited company. More

Certificate of Incorporation

Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, as a private company limited by guarantee, for Manchester & District Rugby Union Referees Society Ltd (company number: 11952818). More

Law Update: New definition of “Hindmost” and new TMO protocol

A new law update regarding a slight change in the definition of hindmost and the revised TMO protocol following successful trialling in November. The paper attached was approved by Rugby Committee and EXCO and should be self-explanatory. Please note that the revised TMO protocol should be adopted for all competitions ... More

Community Game Update December 2018

Please find the December 2018 edition of the Community Game Update. We hope you find the update a benefit to your club, and if you have any feedback, queries or content you would like to feature, please email Tom Ainscough, RFU Senior Communications Manager (tomainscough@rfu.com). More

Appointments Protocol – Guide for Club Fixture Secretaries and Referee Contacts

This latest up-dated version of the guide reflects the Society's use of Who's the Ref (WTR). The guide is essential reading for all club fixture secretaries and club referee contacts because the protocol underpins the process of appointing officials to matches. More

Man Off and Logic Tree Changes

From August 2018 changes have been made to the Man Off Logic Tree.  Please read and keep a copy with you. More

M&DRURS Data Privacy Policy

With the introduction of Who’s the Ref (WTR) the Society has revised its policy for collecting, processing and storing members’ and club contacts’ personal data. The policy covers what personal data is included, the basis for using such data, with whom it is shared, and why, and the rights members and club ... More

2018-19 Handbook Amendments

List of amendments to the directories and other information published in the Society handbook for the 2018-19 season. Up-dated: 1 April 2019 More