Match Officials Who Attend Age Grade Coaching Sessions

  • July 22, 2020
From: Steve Bradford RFRU Safeguarding Manager
Sent: 21 July 2020 19:40
Subject: Match Officials Coaching at Age Grade Rugby

Companions, I have received the following clarification from RFU Safeguarding Team in respect of Match Officials who attend Age Grade coaching sessions

Society’s should ensure that a Match Official who is asked to attend Age Grade Coaching Sessions has :-

  An Enhanced DBS


 Has applied for an Enhanced DBS – in which case they must be under supervision by a Club Coach who has a DBS


 Has NO DBS – in which case they can only be “appointed” ONCE – AND they must be under direct supervision by a Club Coach who has a DBS

If they wish to do similar later this season or next season – they must be DBS’d

Society’s are required to liaise with the relevant Club to ensure that the required Club Supervision is put in place

Please can you ensure that this is conveyed to your Appointments Team & Society Executive


Steve Bradford

RFRU Board Member

Safeguarding Manager

07710 646 251