Paying and Claiming Referee Expenses

Expenses 1) Payment in cash There have been instances recently whereby referees have been asked to provide bank details so they can be paid by Bank Transfer. The Society has stated that payment should be paid in cash and a copy of the letter which has been sent out, primarily to schools and colleges is reproduced ... More

New Match Official Forms to be Used From 8th December 2018

The Referee assessment forms and guidance notes have been updated.  Please delete the old forms and use the new forms which can be downloaded from the website. See new documents added this month. There is also a useful pre-match preperation and briefing document for referees and a aide memoire for advisers.   More

Needs Your Attention: Subs and Replacements 2018-2019, Updated Electronic Match Card and Man-off Rule

RFU Northern Division Competitions Committee Subs and Replacements: The replacement numbers have remained the same as last season. That is at level 5-7 there are 3 replacements and 8 interchanges allowed. At Level 8 and below there are 5 replacements and 10 interchanges allowed More information is available on the ... More

New Red Card Form and Filling in Red Card Forms and Change for School Games

There has been a number of instances recently where the reports have had to be corrected to clarify the situation. Rob Sheard is available to advise on the completion of the forms.  Should you be in any doubt and need help or advice please contact Rob Sheard at Also please note that ... More

Society Kit Season 2018-2019 Voucher Scheme

Society Kit season 2018/19 The Society Executive has agreed the following :- Existing active, ‘paid-up’ and graded Referees will be entitled to Current season shirt (should have been collected from pre-season meetings at Broughton Park & Preston Grasshoppers), and A digital voucher to be used in ... More

Age Grade Yellow Cards – Suspension Time Changes

See extract from pages 258 & 259 of Season 2018-2019 RFU Handbook  SIN BIN TIME FOR AGE GRADE RUGBY Effective from 1 August 2018 RFU REGULATION 15 – AGE GRADE RUGBY (APPENDIX 9) U15-U18 Variations to the World Rugby Laws of the Game - BOYS ONLY Players and Match Officials must ensure that the World ... More

National Rugby Survey: Match Officials

From the RFU As the new season kicks off, we want to hear from match officials in this season's National Rugby Survey. Great officiating is essential for the game and telling us about your experiences can ensure we continue to provide the best offering for officials and players across all forms of rugby and all age ... More

New Law 9.19 to be implemented with immediate effect

Law 9.19 In open play, any player may lift or support a player from the same team. Players who support or lift a teammate must lower the player to the ground safely as soon as the ball is won by a player of either team.  Sanction: Free-kick The existing law 9.19 to 9.25 will be re-numbered as 9.20 to ... More

Mid-week Appointments Secretary – Simon Vale taking over from Peter Hughes

Peter Hughes BEM has retired as Mid-week Appointments Secretary after many years in the role. The Society and, in particular, universities, colleges and schools owe a great debt and many thanks to Peter for his diligent work in ensuring that the mid-week games had referees. Simon Vale has kindly agreed to take over; ... More

Accepting Appointments – Message for Certain Referees (information for others)

Our Appointments Team are vital cogs in the process of getting you out each week. Your help is required to keep the wheel turning, particularly at this early stage of implementing Who’s the Ref (WTR), by accepting your appointments promptly - please help us to help you. Currently, we have numerous unaccepted appoint... More