Training & Development – Maintaining Focus

Maintaining Focus is a Training and Development intiative that was introduced during the Covid-19 lockdown. The idea is to help referees and referee assessors/coaches to “keep their brains going” during the extended lay-off.

Thought we don’t know when, where or how we will get back to ‘proper’ rugby, referees will need to have all their kit ready; the most important piece of kit will be a sharp and focussed brain! Hence the development of this programme of referee refocus – Maintaining Focus.

The programme consists of a series of exercises with questions on World Rugby video clips as used in its pronouncements on “The Tackle Area”. The exercises are available in an online web format as well as separate docuemnts as listed in the table below.

Online web format
Maintaining Focus No.1 – The Tackler Questions Considered Responses *
Maintaining Focus No.2 – The Ball Carrier in a Tackle


Questions Considered Responses *
Maintaining Focus No.3 – First Arriving Player at a Tackle


Questions Considered Responses *
Maintaining Focus No.4 – Other Arriving Players at a Tackle


Questions Considered Responses *

For the online format, the questions are listed below the relevant World Rugby video clips; clicking on the questions will reveal the “considered responses*” once they are published.

Members are strongly encouraged to answer the questions on their own before looking at the responses, in order to strengthen the learning experience. The exercises are self-explanatory and designed to do no more than ask members to consider the issues that arise in the clips provided. It is not a quiz and your papers will not be ‘marked’!!!!!!

*: The considered responses were gathered from a range of referees and advisers.