Referee Request Form 2020/21 (Excel Version)

  • December 16, 2020
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Referee Request Form 2020/21 (Excel Version)

This form is for use by the Society's main club contacts to request referees for competitive fixtures that will be played under the Covid-19 Law variations 2020-21. It is the Excel version; if you prefer to use the Word one, it can be found here.

The form was sent by email on 14th December to all member clubs' main contacts (known as a "Club Fixture Secretary" in WTR) for the Society. The text of the email is reproduced below for reference.

Please note that only main contacts (or their delegates) should send in completed forms to the Society as requested in the email. This to avoid the Society receiving multiple versions from the same club.


Copy of email sent to all the Society's main club contacts on 14th December:

Message from: Alan Farmer, Chairman of Appointments, M&DRURS

To: The Society’s Club* Contacts

How to Request Society Referees for Competitive Fixtures (from 16th January)

I hope this email finds you and your family well!

This email is of relevance to clubs that might require Society referees for any competitive fixtures that they may be hosting. These fixtures are currently planned to start on or after the 16th January 2021 and might include RFU Clusters, ADM Micro and Combination Leagues, NCA Leagues and Halbro Cluster Leagues.

Our request to you:

· Please list details of your fixtures using one of the attached forms (either Word or Excel) and return it as an attachment, a scanned copy or “copy and pasted” in an email to by 30th December at the latest.

· You may include competitive fixtures that are scheduled for 16th January or after. We will be adding your fixtures to Who’s the Ref (WTR).

· Please complete and send an additional form(s), if required, no later than 14 days in advance of any further fixtures that emerge after you have submitted your first form.

· Please note: It is very unlikely that we will be able to provide you with a referee, if we do not receive your form or if it arrives late.

· As in normal times, any changes to your fixtures must be advised as soon as is practical by email to .

· Also, as usual, the fixtures and, in due course, any refereeing appointments will be recorded in WTR; your registered club contact(s) will be notified by email or text. As before, please make sure you confirm the fixture with your referee early in the week before the match.

· If you are no longer our main contact at your club, then please let us know who has taken over in an email to . Please make sure you include your successor’s email address.

Please note that:

· The Society will try to find referees as requested but can make no guarantees. Not all referees will want to make themselves available to officiate while Covid-19 is still prevalent; the Society fully respects their decision in this regard.
· We will not be appointing to friendly fixtures until at least we are able to ascertain the number of referees we have available.
· The Society is assuming that the match-day arrangements at your club are fully compliant with Government and RFU Covid-19 regulations and guidelines.
· The Society will fully support any of its referees who decide not to start a match or to stop officiating in a match due to concerns they have about the safety of those involved with regard to potential exposure to Covid-19.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours in rugby

Alan Farmer

Chairman of Appointments, M&DRURS

*: Excluding university, college or school contacts