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Warwickshire Society – Supporting notes for video clips


Disciplinary Secretaries – List

Sending off Forms must be sent to the Disciplinary Secretary of the Constituent Body of the Club the player sent off belongs to. This is a list of the secretaries and their contact details.  See below for other useful lists Constituent Body Disciplinary Secretaries (as at 22.03.21) Berkshi... More

2019 AGM MInutes

2019 Manchester and District Rugby Union Referees Society AGM Minutes. More

World Rugby – Law Application Process: Head Contact Process – March 2021

Re: Law Application Guideline – Head Contact Process The World Rugby Executive Committee, acting in accordance with the World Rugby Bye- Laws, agreed to approve a Law Application Guideline for an expanded Head Contact Process (HCP) to assist the sanctioning process for contact with the head and neck, underscoring ... More

PO#18 – Briefing and On-field Refereeing (Under COVID-19 Law Variations)

This PO paper contains Society advice on intrepreting the RFU document “COVID-19 Law variations 2020/2021 Referee Pre-match Brief”. Members are strongly advised to follow both the RFU document and the Society’s guidance. More

PO#17 – Refereeing the 2020 Law Variations

To facilitate the earliest possible return to rugby as we know it, rugby authorities negotiated certain temporary changes to some laws to reduce the time spent in close face-to-face contact during some phases of the game. This PO paper provides supporting notes from the Society on the RFU “COVID-19 Law Variations 202... More

RFU Law Variations 2020-21: Pre-match Brief

The RFU has issued guidance for officials on conducting the pre-mtach briefing under the Covid-19 Law variations. More

RFU Covid-19 Guidance for Match Officials

One-page guide issued by the RFU, for match officials, with guidance under the headings Before the Match, During the Match and After the Match. More

Covid-19 Law Variations – Notes for Video Clips

These notes are to be read in conjunction with the video showing clips from a recent match. The clips illustrate some aspects of the Law variations introduced as part of the journey towards the return of full-contact rugby. It is recommended that the notes are printed out for reference while watching the clips. More

M&DRURS Data Privacy Policy

This latest version of the Society's policy for collecting, processing and storing members’ and club contacts’ personal data was published in September 2020. It updates links in the previous version. The policy covers what personal data is included, the basis for using such data, with whom it is shared, and why, and ... More