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Pre-season Meetings (Aug 21) Presentation – PO#21

This is one of the presentations given by Andy McMillan (Chairman, Training & Development) at the pre-season meetings in August 2021. It concerns the Society's Preferred Options paper on "Managing Refereeing Trends at Professional Level with particular reference to the Community Game". More

PO#21 – Clubs


PO#21 Managing Refereeing Trends at Professional Level with Reference to the “Community Game”

This Preferred Options paper address issues of perceived disparity between refereeing at the professional level and the Community Game level. Members are asked to read the "Preface" first,  which describes the rationale and methodology used.  This PO differs from the others in that it is a lengthy read. However, ... More

PO#20 – Booklet format

Version of PO#20 in a format that can be printed out and inserted in a PO booklet. More

PO#20 – Refereeing the Head Contact Process (HCP) in the community game

Preferred Options paper (#20) addresses the challenges of refereeing the Head Contact Process (HCP) in the community game. The HCP is a world-wide requirement in rugby refereeing and must be applied. Society referees are asked to consider the issues and recommendations in the paper to help ensure a consistent and fair ... More

PO#18 – Briefing and On-field Refereeing (Under COVID-19 Law Variations)

This PO paper contains Society advice on intrepreting the RFU document “COVID-19 Law variations 2020/2021 Referee Pre-match Brief”. Members are strongly advised to follow both the RFU document and the Society’s guidance. More

PO#17 – Refereeing the 2020 Law Variations

To facilitate the earliest possible return to rugby as we know it, rugby authorities negotiated certain temporary changes to some laws to reduce the time spent in close face-to-face contact during some phases of the game. This PO paper provides supporting notes from the Society on the RFU “COVID-19 Law Variations 202... More

PO#14 – Understanding, Playing and Communicating Advantage

This Preferred Options paper explores the subtleties of playing advantage. Playing advantage well is very much down to experience, knowledge and judgement; it is therefore an important  personal development area for referees.   More

PO#13 – Communication in Managing Conflict

As an official you’re going to be involved in potential conflict situations due to the nature of competition and the wide range of people involved. How you handle these situations, and more importantly yourself, can have a major outcome on the length and enjoyment of your officiating career. This Preferred Options ... More

PO#12 – Communicating with Players and Coaches

Communicating with players before, during and after a match should be structured and have a purpose.  The objective is to gain players’ trust and respect rather than affection. This Preferred Options paper covers four categories of communication from referee to players/coaches: 1.  Information 2. Decision-maki... More