A Volunteer from the North needed to Help with Management of Society Comms Kits

  • May 31, 2018

We have a volunteer for the Central and South areas, but still need another for the North.

The Society have for some years possessed two team of three (To3) communications kits that are loaned out to members. If that’s news to you it’s because opportunities for use is often limited by the fact that virtually all our referees are utilised each week blowing a whistle and there simply aren’t enough available to carry a flag.
When possible (tournaments or finals days with multiple referee appointments that can accomodate rotating To3) or on occassions where a To3 needs to be appointed (eg where there are specific Club discipline issues) possibilities for using or experiencing comms. for most members have been limited to open mic. communications with an assessor/advisor or referee coach.

Training is changing – with the advent of regular on-line streaming of Society refereed matches more opportunities of use of comms. could present themselves or other/alternative use of comms. i.e. referee open mic. for team coaches to listen in is a possibility – this would help understanding/appreciation, promote useful co-operation and give everyone a better game.
To this end the Society will consider the purchase of three further comms. kits but unless a fair and sound management process can be put in place – kits cost circa £600-£900 each and we want everyone to benefit from their wider implimentation/use – it’s not going to happen!
Our current kits are held by two custodians (members of the Society) strategically located in the north and south of our geographic coverage who retain the kits and facilitate distribution on request; it can be a frustrating task particularly when borrowers do not return kits after use or fail to report faults of operation.
If new kits are to be purchased there has to be a prossess in place to keep track of circa £3K worth of equipment. There have been issues (one kit was ‘lost’ for almost 18 months….) and the incumbent ‘north’ custodian subsequently stood down in protest. Our current south custodian will be hanging up his comms. sometime in the near future so we are looking to recruit 3 new custodians:
– immediately, one for the north (ideally located in or close to the greater Preston area)
– immediately, one for central (ideally located in a corridor north Manchester, outside the M60 up to Wigan)
– in waiting, one for the south (ideally Stockport/Cheshire boundary)

A new management procees will be put in place to help custodians track and control kits and users will be asked to abide by the rules or simply forfeit use of these valuable tools of the trade – everyones’ a winner.

We want to have everything in place for the start of the 2018/19 season. If you can help out please contact in the first instance:
Hon. Chair. or Hon. Secretary or John Harries