Are you unsure of local, RFU, league or cup regulations?

  • March 26, 2019

The county leagues hand book contains all the necessary info including the following which differs from the RFU leagues. For example:-

1              max squad size = 20 – ie 5 replacements (implies 10 interchanges, as per rfu reg 13 appendix 2 para 20 )

2              must have 4 FR in squad – no mention on how to reduce this if they only have 3 or less?

3              when team starts with less than 15 the opposition may only start with one more player – ie 13 v 14, same as the merit leagues.  However, unlike the merit leagues, the team with the full squad can use all non-starting players as replacements (in this case if they start with 14 they have 6 replacements) – no info is given on whether the no of interchanges is changed from 10.   It could feasibly be that the match starts with 8 v 9 and the team with 9 is allowed 10 interchanges to use their 11 replacements, meaning at least one replacement doesn’t get the chance to play!

The information this has been taken from is:

And can be found on the ADM leagues website:

And on the Cheshire website: