Immediate Effect – Change to ADM League Man off Rule

  • September 23, 2021

From Howard Hughes Competition Secretary ADM Leagues

We have had early sight of possible issues with some Clubs not having enough available Front Row cover in League games. Principally for example only 4 Props and 2 Teams in the club.

Therefore with immediate effect we have decided to suspend the man-off rule (Regulation 13.5) if a game goes uncontested.

A combination of players returning to play and players moving in to Front Row after suitable training should relieve the issue as we go on but for the time being could you inform the members of your Societies that in the adm League the “Man-off Rule” does not apply this season. This is actioned under Regulation 13.7 (Additional Variations).

After 18 months of very little rugby it seems counter-productive to remove a player from a game.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.


Howard Hughes

Competition Secretary