London marathon completed in memory of Alan Farmer

  • April 23, 2024

Last Sunday, Stefano Cossu, the late Alan Farmer’s son-in-law, completed the London Marathon in memory of Alan with an official time of 3:20:06. In doing so he raised a considerable sum for Macmillan Cancer Support.


Stefano said, “Madrefs members donated nearly £500. Alan would have been proud of you all. Siobhan (Alan’s daughter, who ran the marathon too) and I would like to thank each one of you who donated for this such worthy cause.”


He went on to say, “It is astonishing how many people are being helped by Macmillan. During my time fundraising I heard incredible stories about how wonderful Macmillan was in supporting people with cancer and their families. They were with Alan too!”



Stefano was one of 800 runners in the London Marathon raising money for Macmillan; together they raised over two million pounds. He spoke highly of the support the Macmillan organisation gave him both before and during the race.

He summed up by saying, “All-in-all it was an amazing experience. Although it was a very hard day, and I will be sore/limping for the next couple of weeks, I am glad I did it and happy that the money raised will be well spent.”

If you did not donate but wish to do so now, the JustGiving page is still open but it will be closed soon. Any donation will be greatly appreciated: