Ian McKenzie Taking on March the Month

  • February 23, 2021

My Dear Friends,

As you can see below, I’m taking up the challenge of the “March the Month” against prostate cancer. 11,000 steps per day in recognition of the 11,000 men who die each year in the UK from this particular beast. As I am one of those who “enjoy” this condition, it’s the least I can do.

For this challenge I have engaged the services of the world-renowned coach, tactician, physio, sports psychologist and “pull-me-uphill-as-needed”, Sir Percival Prancelot. Sir P will be involved in a goodly part of this endeavour – especially when my knee with the sausage-skin ligaments starts to complain.

If you wish to support my effort, I am overwhelmingly grateful. However, the best support I could get is

• If you haven’t had a PSA test, then go for one (I understand if you wish to wait until the Covid beast has been tamed)
• If you’ve had a test in the past but not for a few years, then go get another one.
• And ladies on this list, harangue your lesser half until he goes for his PSA test!
• ….and remember the test takes 5 mins; the only potential downside is that nurse will look at you and whisper “little prick” (in the arm)

I shall post updates for those who are interested in “Team Prancelots” progress.
You will notice my dear wife has started off the campaign with wonderfully tender, loving words of endearment and encouragement.

Please feel free to circulate my page to any friends or colleagues who may find it a worthy endeavour.

Please use this link to Support me

Thank you for time, with manly hugs & kisses to the ladies