Restoring Focus Project – Preparing for the return of rugby

  • March 20, 2021

Message from Andy McMillan, Chairman of Training & Development

Given the possibility of a return to contact rugby, we need to respond to the implications of the new RFU Return to Rugby Roadmap. We therefore need to have a strategy in place – hence a new Society project with the aim of “‘Restoring Focus”!

We might surmise that any staged return to contact rugby will start with the Law Variations that were agreed with government pre-lockdown. So this might be a good time to start refreshing our knowledge of the Law Variations.  Below is a summary of some of the resources you might like to look at to help Restore Focus on the game.

+ Preferred Options paper #17  “Refereeing the 2020 Law variations” and #18 ‘”Briefing and On-field Refereeing (Under Covid-19 Law Variations).

+ Society’s website post: RFU Covid-19 Resources for Match Officials.  From this you can down load the The RFU Law Variation Factsheet, The RFU Referee pre-match brief and The England Rugby: Community Law Variations ,which is a very short course with a quiz at the end.

+ The Society website post: Covid-19 Law Variations – Notes for Video Clips, which has some video clips from an earlier set of variations that are put in context by an accompanying “script”’ that focuses attention on the current variations.

+ Two videos available on YouTube:

Adapted Laws Pre Match Brief

L9 Adapted New Laws Match Highlights SSRFUR