New Documents Added to the Website this Month

  • October 19, 2018

October 2018

Age Grade Yellow Cards – Suspension Time Changes

Red card form for Levels 5 and below.  October 2018

RFU Community Game Update October 1st 2018

MO Development Form – RFU Form 2 For Exchange Referees Only

RFU Communication Descriptor Matrix For RFU Form 2. Exchange Referees only

Appointments Protocol Guide for Club Contacts – Revised

September 2018

Abandonment Form

Halbro North West Leagues update to “Man off rule

Level two training Courses for Want to be Referees

August – 2018

There are problems with downloading the 2nd of the pre-season presentations – We hope to put this right asap

Society Pre-Season 2018-2019 Presentation 1: June Focus Area World Rugby – powerpoint presentation.

Society Pre-Season 2018-2019 Presentation 2: Pre-season Game values – powerpoint presentation.  To Follow soon

RFU Competitions Regulations 2018-2019

RFU Red Card Form Level 5 and Below 2018-19  Please return form to

RFU Referee Reportable Injury Event Report 2018-19

Match Official Abuse Form 2018 – 2019 Please retun form to

RFU update August 2018


July – 201

Society Subscriptions 2018 – 2019  Listed in the Governance Section.

RFRU AGM 20-18 – Breakout Session Notes July 2018

RFU Match Official Development Update – Season 2017/18

National Panel Update – Team Member Update 2018/19 Season