Needs Your Attention: Subs and Replacements 2018-2019, Updated Electronic Match Card and Man-off Rule

  • November 16, 2018

RFU Northern Division Competitions Committee

Subs and Replacements:

The replacement numbers have remained the same as last season.

That is at level 5-7 there are 3 replacements and 8 interchanges allowed.

At Level 8 and below there are 5 replacements and 10 interchanges allowed

Electronic Match Card:

It is up to the clubs down to level 8 to use the EMC.

The home official agrees the score with the referee, including the number of tries and if there are any uncontested scrums. It is up to the home official to submit the details.
It is only at Level 5 and above where the Referee enters a pin number to verify the result.

Halbro North West Leagues – Change to Man-off Rule (Premier League only)

Revised Rule 4.c:  “If a game goes uncontested for any reason the opposition do NOT need to remove a player as per the Man-off Rule. However, in the Premier League ONLY this will apply. Any team…”  (in a Premier League match only) “… causing a game to go to uncontested scrums must carry on with one less player.”
Halbro North West Leagues rules 2018: