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  • July 16, 2019

July 2019 

World Rugby confirms scrum law amendment and Updates to High Tackle Sanction Framework

A reminder that members should be aware of how the Society collects and uses members data.  This can be found in the M&DRURS Data Privacy Policy

June 2019

England Rugby Advanced Match Official Award (PILOT) Memo – 2019.06.21

England Rugby Advanced Match Official Award (PILOT) FAQs – 2019.06.21

May 2019

Annual General Meeting 2018-2019 Appendices Annual General Meeting Season 2018/2019 – Agenda

Half Game Rule – Age Grade Rugby

Memorandum and Articles of Association Certificate of Incorporation

January 2019

New definition of “Hindmost” and New TMO protocol Changes in definition of “Hindmost” to support consistency and for interest a copy of the revised trial protocol.

Match Official Development Update

Match Official Development Priorities 2018-19

RFU Discipline Report Writing Guidelines Advice from the RFU on filling in Red Card Forms, remember help is always at hand from the Society.

MADREF Form 1 Assessment for Match Levels 6, 7 & 8 To be used immediately, it combines the evidence collection form with the report form

Madref Form 1 Assessment for Match Levels 9 and below To be used immediately, it combines the evidence collection form with the report form

December 2018

December 2018 Community Game Update Referee Development Form 1 Example

What Does Good Advising Look Like – Oct 2018 Match Evidence Record 2

Match Evidence Record 1

Madref Preparation and Briefing Revised Nov 2018

Madref Form 1 Assessment

Madref Form 1 Assessment Guidance Example Statistics From Andy McMillan

Characteristics of a Manchester Society Referee Oct 2018

Blank Incident Timeline Adviser Aide Memoire

November 2018

Assistant Referee Mental Checklist

October 2018

Man Off and Logic Tree Changes Red Card Form October 2018 – updated to show date of incident.

M&DRURS Data Privacy Policy With the introduction of Who’s the Ref (WTR), the Society has revised its policy for collecting, processing and storing members’ and club contacts’ personal data.

Age Grade Yellow Cards – Suspension Time Changes Red card form for Levels 5 and below.  October 2018

RFU Community Game Update October 1st 2018 MO Development Form –

RFU Form 2 For Exchange Referees Only RFU Communication Descriptor

Matrix For RFU Form 2. Exchange Referees only Appointments Protocol –

Guide for Club Fixture Secretaries and Referee Contacts

September 2018

Abandonment Form Halbro North West Leagues update to “Man off rule

Level two training Courses for Want to be Referees

August – 2018

There are problems with downloading the 2nd of the pre-season presentations – We hope to put this right asap

Society Pre-Season 2018-2019 Presentation 1: June Focus Area World Rugby – powerpoint presentation. Society Pre-Season 2018-2019 Presentation 2: Pre-season Game values – powerpoint presentation.  

To Follow soon RFU Competitions Regulations 2018-2019

RFU Red Card Form Level 5 and Below 2018-19  Please return form to

RFU Referee Reportable Injury Event Report 2018-19 Match Official Abuse Form 2018 – 2019 Please retun form to RFU update August 2018

July – 2018

Society Subscriptions 2018 – 2019  Listed in the Governance Section.

RFRU AGM 20-18 – Breakout Session Notes July 2018

RFU Match Official Development Update – Season 2017/18 National Panel Update – Team Member Update 2018/19 Season