The Case of the Disappearing Grading List

  • January 16, 2019

The case of the disappearing Grading List

At the Society meeting on 4thDecember 2018 I undertook to ask the Society Executive to consider arrangements for access to the Grading List.  I had erroneously thought that the Grading List had been removed from the Society website on the basis of satisfying the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations. The decision was taken prior to my taking the Chair of the Society after the 2018 AGM.  It was established in the discussion that the GDPR need not be a bar to making the Grading List available and the opportunity was taken to consider how the Grading List could be dealt with in future.

It was agreed that there is no need for secrecy within the Societywith regard to who should have access to the Grading List.  It was recognised, however, that there are drawbacks to having free access to the List via the Society’s website, not least being examples of misuse of Grading List data by Clubs, for example seeking to allege an under-appointment and thereby undermining the standing of the appointed Referee.  The view taken was that options for access to the List for individual members of the Society should be considered.

A “Members Only” section on the website would be possible but would require development work to be undertaken by our contractor and would then have ongoing workload implications in maintaining up-to-date access rights.  

A Who’s the Ref solution would again need development work; however, it would be able to make use of the existing access rights. 

Circulation of the List in pdf form via WTR email to members was also considered but it was thought that that would make the List easily transmissible by onward forwarding, which was thought to be inimical to the members-only access principle previously agreed.

The agreed solution, which is to be put in place immediately, is for a printed up-to-date copy of the Grading List to be inserted in to the current Society Minute Book, where the List will be available for inspection by any individual member of the Society who attends a Society main meeting.

ERB Society Chairman.