Training & Development – Society Preferred Options Papers available for download

  • September 10, 2019

Andy McMillan, Chairman of Training & Development, introduced the thinking behind the Society’s “Preferred Options” (PO) papers at the pre-season meetings last month.

The idea is to help referees and assessors work towards taking a more consistent approach and to continually improve the performance of individual officials of all levels and refereeing in the Society as a whole.

The first editions of seven of these PO papers are now available for download from The topics covered as follows:

  • PO#7 – What does good advising look like?
  • PO#6 – Starts, Restarts and Offside in Open Play
  • PO#5 – Refereeing the Scrum
  • PO#4 – Positioning
  • PO#3 – Preparation and the Briefing
  • PO#2 – Maintenance and Management of Technical Areas
  • PO#1 – Authority and Gaining Respect

It is the intention to publish further POs papers in due course e.g. one to cover the lineout is currently being drafted.

In addition, new self-evaluation checklists for referees and assessors are also available.

If you have any questions on the matters covered by the papers or if anything is not clear, please do contact your grade mentor and/or Andy.