Reminder to referees – please set your availability on WTR

  • July 9, 2018

Calling all referees….. please set your availability for August and September in WTR by Wednesday. If you have done so already, then thank you and please ignore this message..

Here’s a copy of the email you should have received:


The purpose of this note is to ask you to set your availability for August and September on Who’s the Ref (WTR) as soon as possible but before Wednesday 11 July.

Last month we asked you to set your password on WTR and, provided you did so, you will now be able to logon and set your availability.

As in previous seasons:

  • We will assume you are unavailable on any particular date unless you have made yourself available.
  • For Sundays, if you are available for a 12:30pm kick-off, then make yourself available for “AM” (morning); “PM” is for all other afternoon kick-offs.

To set or update your availability

  1. Log-in to WTR:
  2. Select and click the Contact Availability option from the left-hand navigation menu
  3. Select the month you require from the drop-down menu and then click “Find”
  4. Click on the edit icon in the “Action” column
  5. Once in edit mode you can then update the dates you wish to change by clicking in the dates’ boxes
  6. You can also change a week at a time (choose the week from the right-most column) and all the same days in that month (choose the day from across the top row)
  7. To save your availability, click on the green tick icon at the foot of the page.

Please do not forget to save the changes you made to your availability.

If you experience any difficulties, then please check the user guide available on the Society website or contact Philip Cole, Paul Watkins or Iwan Williams.

Many thanks

Alan Farmer

Chairman of Appointments