Paying and Claiming Referee Expenses

  • December 7, 2018


1) Payment in cash

There have been instances recently whereby referees have been asked to provide bank details so they can be paid by Bank Transfer.

The Society has stated that payment should be paid in cash and a copy of the letter which has been sent out, primarily to schools and colleges is reproduced below. Should anyone be asked to accept payment by Bank Transfer, please let me know and I shall contact the club concerned.

You will see that you may be asked what your expenses will be when your appointment is confirmed.


To:  All Schools, Colleges and Universities in the Manchester & District Referees’ Society 

 I wish to make you aware of an issue which has arisen recently over the non-payment in cash to our referees.

As our referees have to pay for fuel and some are students who often have to pay for public transport, it seems disingenuous that they are having to wait for monies to be put into their bank account because of cashless systems. Additionally, members have experienced that payment make take a few days if not a week or two as the person responsible is unavailable or payments are only made on certain days.

I must emphasise that this is payment for money already expended and not a fee for refereeing.

In some cases, there appears to be a limit on what expenses schools are prepared to pay. A referee is entitled to claim 45p per mile and if the expense is greater than £30, the school can claim the additional monies from the Society. 

Many institutions ask the referee what his expenses will be when confirming the appointment and this works well.

I must advise you that should cash payments not be possible, unfortunately, the Society may not be able to appoint referees.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Thank you.

 Paul Houston

Hon Secretary

2) Amount of Expenses to be Claimed

I have received a number of reports where clubs consider that the referee has been inflating their travelling expenses so for clarity an extract of the rules which are listed in the Handbook are reproduced below.

◆ Travelling Expenses paid to Match Officials by Clubs Match officials appointed by the Society are entitled to claim travelling expenses from the home club at the Society-approved rate which is 45p per mile. (this for the total mileage to and from the match)

◆ The maximum claim for travelling expenses is determined by the mileage driven, to the match, by the shortest practicable route. Should a referee need to claim in excess of that route, this must be cleared in advance with the Appointments Co-ordinator.

◆ Referees must note that there is no minimum amount for travel claims

 IMPORTANT:  False and exaggerated claims are unacceptable  (at best they cast a shadow on the claimant and the Society,  and at worst may be fraudulent) and may lead to disciplinary  action