Proposed Informal Training Sessions

  • July 6, 2020

Copy of email sent to all Society referees on behalf of Fred Eckersley (Chairman of Grading) and Elliott Lewis (Referees’ Representative)

Would you be interested in doing some pre-season training?

We have been thinking about how to help referees maintain focus and interest during this protracted pre-season period. We all need to be up and ready for the start of the season, no matter when that might be, and we are therefore proposing to run weekly training sessions for referees.

The aim is for us to meet once a week for an hour or so. We will follow government guidelines on social distancing and RFU advice on how to set up training pods.

We are considering holding sessions in three geographic areas; one in the North around the Preston area, one in the Central area based at Bury, Rochdale or Sedgley Park and one in the South hosted at Sandbach or Lymm.

Firstly, we need to establish the demand for these sessions, which will be voluntary and more of a social, rather than formal, nature. There is no need to feel you have to attend each week.

Elliott Lewis has set up “WhatsApp” groups so that participants can keep in touch and know when the sessions will be held.

Please let Elliott know by text message if you are interested and include:

  • The location most convenient for you: North Group (led by Andy Irvine and Matt Riley), Central Group (led by Elliott Lewis and Kieron Henry) or South Group    (led by John Pemberton and Elliott Lewis)
  • The evening(s) of the week that suits you best.
  • The time in the evening that works best for you.

Once Elliott receives your text message he will add you to the relevant “WhatsApp” group and keep you informed.

We will contact the host clubs once we know the level of interest, likely evenings and the most convenient times.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Fred Eckersley & Elliott Lewis