Important: New Red Card and Match Official Abuse Forms

  • February 6, 2020

The Red Card and Match Official Abuse forms have recently been updated. Please use only these versions and destroy blank previous versions.

You can get help in filling in the forms from the Society Red Card Report Co-ordinator or the Society Hon Secretary; their contact details are in the Handbook and on WTR. You may also find it helpful to refer to the RFU Disciplinary report writing guidelines.

Completed Red Card forms must be sent by email to the Society at and the CB Disciplinary Secretary for the sent-off player’s club (see below).

*** New instruction for school matches only*** – Player sent-off in a school match: Until further notice please also send a copy of the completed form to the RFU at

Which CB Disciplinary Secretary should I inform?

Clubs located in Lancashire are listed here ; those in Cheshire (East and West) here .

Lancashire Disciplinary Secretary: Brian Stott

Cheshire Disciplinary Secretary (East): Claire Owen Smith

Cheshire Disciplinary Secretary (West): Sarah Pratt

IoM: Phil Garrett