Updated December: What’s Happening about DBS for MadRefs Referees and Match Officials

  • September 4, 2020

Further to the recent email regarding the society’s position on refereeing at present, please note the following on Age Grade Matches

Refereeing U18 and DBS
We must remind you all that if you are invited to referee any Age Grade game ie U18 you must be DBS checked.
Because of the current Covid 19 Situation and documents have to be checked face to face, then:

If you need a DBS check then we suggest that you approach your own club or the club hosting the game in order to get you registered.

At the moment this is mandatory from the start of the 20/21 season (i.e. 1st September) and we are awaiting confirmation of whether this has been extended by the RFU.

From Steve Bradford RFRU Safegaurding:

Colleagues – attached PDF.

I will draw your particular attention to Page 2 – Online Safeguarding Awareness Training  

Click on link below to see document:-

Safeguarding Bulleting August 2020

Unfortunately, there are some Technical Problems in accessing the E-Course!

However – DBS ID Checks can still be processed without the link.

All I ask is that,  keep trying the link log-in & complete the E-Course.

From the Society Safeguarding Officer

A warm welcome to all my fellow MADREF members- this very strange year continues to amaze, confuse and frustrate! As a person that both lives and works in East Lancashire, I am happy to admit I haven’t really got a clue what I can or can’t do presently – and I am sure many of you are equally confused by the latest guidance. What I hope to do in this message is provide some sort of clarity to the situation regarding DBS checks for MADREF referees and observers at the present time.

We do not know yet when we will be able to officiate or observe rugby at the grass roots level once again. However, what we do know is that the RFU still wants all members that are either going to coach, referee, mentor or observe any game at the junior level to have a DBS check completed with the RFU.

We had put together plans for this task to be undertaken in late March but the pandemic put paid to that. We do intend to reorganise these “DBS” sessions but of course there are social distancing regulations to take on board relating to exactly how this can be done. I have spoken with a number of senior members of the society and have made the following suggestion in order to get (hopefully) many of you through the DBS hurdle. A number of clubs are happy to assist us in this matter.

The idea is that if you still have connections to a club, then please approach the safeguarding officer at the club and request a RFU DBS check through the club. This has a number of advantages; firstly, you will not have to travel to another area to get your DBS but can obtain it closer to home; secondly, you will not have to wait for the lockdown guidance to change again for the MADREF sessions to take place but can get your DBS much sooner – it is unlikely that you will be made to wait till a specific time and date for the DBS to be completed. Finally, it will make the MADREF sessions easier to organise.

If you are already coaching at a club at a junior level, you must have a RFU DBS in place. This is also the case if you are coaching or mentoring a young referee (u 18). Once the RFU do announce their plans to get all rugby going once more, you will only be able to officiate or observe junior games if you have a RFU DBS.

The final part to this message is that the Society will be organising “DBS sessions”, probably at PGH and Manchester again, as soon as we feel that this task can be undertaken without breaking social distancing guidance. We were hoping to organise these for later this month, but given the news from Manchester and East Lancashire last Thursday, I suspect these will take place at a later date.

To all those members that already have a DBS, well done! If this has been granted by the RFU, you do not need to do anything if you have already told us. If we don’t have the details, please advise us as soon as possible.

Also, if you have let us know that you do not want to have a DBS check completed, then well done for reading this far down and you don’t need to do anything either.

Please keep your eyes open on the website for the dates of the MADREF DBS sessions!

Mike Hull (Safeguarding Officer).