Update on Appointments and Fixtures in WTR

  • August 1, 2018

Who’s the Ref (WTR) is operational – referees have been and are continuing to be appointed to pre-season games.  As previously advised, this being done on a week-by-week basis.

All club league fixtures for the forthcoming season have at last been released and are now being uploaded to Who’s the Ref (WTR). This process should be completed by the end of this week. The Appointments Team will then be able to start their work, much later than in previous seasons. The delay means that appointments are likely to be made in shorter blocks of time than the usual six weeks.

Emails, to provide an update and further information, were sent last week to referees (see copy of the email here) and to the Society’s main contact at the clubs – known as a “Club Fixture Secretary” in WTR (see copy of the email here).

There are a couple of points from these emails that are worth highlighting:

  1. A generic email address madrefs.appoints@gmail.com for referees and club fixture secretaries (main contacts) to contact appointments and re-appointments secretaries should be used from now on. Correspondents are asked to include the name of the relevant appointments person in the email subject.
  2. The Appointments Team has decided to make selective use of the SMS feature in WTR to advise referees and clubs of appointments. This is intended to be used for urgent new appointments or changes to existing ones within a week of the games affected. (Referees should note that they just respond to the SMS with a “Y” to accept the appointment.)

A significant proportion of schools’ fixtures are in WTR; those for colleges are about to be uploaded and the BUCS university fixtures have just been published..

So after the frustrating delay in confirming the club league fixtures, things are now moving at a pace to ensure appointments are made for the first leagues games of the season.

Thanks for you continuing patience and understanding.


The Appointments Team